Select Brokers' Choice Inc.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers emergency medical situations while outside of the umbrella of Canadian Government Health Insurance! We may not even understand the costs of Emergency Medical Attention until faced with massive bills from foreign Doctors and Hospitals. No one plans a trip or vacation anticipating that a medical emergency may arise. No one gets into their cars thinking that they will have an accident that day. We protect all that is sacred to us throughout our lives and there should be no exception while travelling! AlthoughTravel Medical Insurance is widely available, knowing that your policy was arranged by a seasoned Specialist will allow you to relax with peace of mind and enjoy all the benefits that you deserve!

Further consideration includes coverage in the unlikely event that you must cancel a paid trip or discover that your baggage is lost or stolen.

Expatriate Insurance

Whether you are moving abroad for business or retirement purposes you must consider how to cover the costs of medical expenses. There may be waiting periods before you qualify for local Government or Company health insurance coverage. You may not qualify at all. We work with Canadian and International Insurers in order to provide our Expatriate clientele with single, couple or family plans that are comprehensive and competitive! You need not look further than Select Brokers' Choice Inc. The Health Insurance Specialist's with over 20 years of experience !

Health & Dental Insurance

Many medical expenses are not covered by Provincial plans, so if you don’t have supplemental health care coverage you’re not only risking your health, you’re risking your financial well being. By purchasing an extended health & dental plan, you pay only a small monthly premium that could save you thousands of dollars in medical costs. Plans are available whereby which one can choose a plan around their need and budget. Let us help you plan accordingly !